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The INTEC Design group is one of the research groups of the Department of Information Technology (INTEC), at Ghent University. INTEC Design is specialized in the research and development of high-speed and high-frequency electronic circuits, subsystems and system demonstrators on chip and board level. To realize complex demonstrators, multiple researchers, with different specialties, are joined in a team during the course of a research project, typically in close collaboration with local and international industry. In this way, the INTEC Design group not only trains academic engineers at the Ph.D. level but also gives them hands-on experience in complex industrial-driven design projects.

Application domains

The main applications focus on wired (fiber-optic, copper), wireless (RF, mmWave) and instrumentation for which custom CMOS or SiGe BiCMOS chips, complex multilayer boards and even complete instruments are conceived. For example:

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